Tuesday 28 August 2012

Potential Work

There is the potential for some freelance work; self employment status. To put energy into this I've ordered business cards and set up a website. If it all comes to fruition then I'll register self employed with the tax office. I notice that my pessimism needs to be firmly put to one side. I also notice how writing here about this brings together this site and my new site but only from this side. I haven't linked to this part of my life from my professional 'shop window'. As long as I recognize the risk of splitting I guess I should have a good chance to avoid it. This points to authenticity and the way in which we all need to wear some kind of a mask or self. The question I find helpful is 'am I adjusting my presentation (my mask) to fit or to deceive?' I wonder how long I'll keep this new site going.

But since all work and no play makes for not just a dull Jack but also a dull post, here is a photo of the coast from last Sunday; a splendid day! The composition is not great but look closely and see how clear the day is...

Sunday 19 August 2012


Searching once more for a regular job has led me to times of feeling very down; the whole process is so 'soul destroying'. An interesting expression and one which raises all sorts of questions about the nature of human Being. Irrespective of any search for work, work in the form of a failed drainage pipe found me on Friday. A moderately lengthy job involving a fair bit of re-piping and working between floors and in voids/ducts. On the one hand not too pleasant and yet on the other very rewarding. Nothing like a bit of an emergency to get a sense of purpose and direction. Solving a problem is very rewarding. And this is the intimacy I think we all need; life calling upon our abilities to deliver something of use to the collective. Definitely restorative for the soul. It's all about being in the flow (no pun intended); giving and receiving, stuff going on. Buddhism does not include a notion of a soul let alone harbor the idea of anything in this life having a destructive influence on such, yet cause and effect; karma is spoken of. This contrast between the experience of looking for a job and finding meaningful engagement with life in work makes plain the nature of what seems to be key here; engagement with the collective. This engagement is very apparent to me as I read One Month On from Field of Merit  a work in progress by Rev Alicia and RM Mugo. I am sure their project will come to fruition.

Today walking on the Beach after being in the sea I took the following photo:

...and on the way to take it I took this one:

If only in the midst of depression I would recall and believe that this too will pass and times like those giving rise to the pictures above will also come (and not just go).

Monday 6 August 2012


Have a look at the links on Jade Mountains showing things made from matchsticks!

I wounder about the samadhi involved...

Thursday 2 August 2012

As Selection of Itsy Bitzy Things

Busy Bee

Sunny Flowers

I've not seen one of these before

The first two photos were at the same place on the same day, the third is a different location and a different day as I recall. Life flowing on.

While we have the richness (or otherwise) of the drama of human life, less complex life forms seem to just go about life without much story. In human life we have so much capacity to perceive the universe. After all we went to the moon. Not so Itsy Bitzy.

 Hubble Image (from Google)

Hubble Image (from Google)