Sunday, 5 July 2015

Returning to nature

I'm delighted at just how well the camomile I planted has taken in the gaps between the paving slabs of the patio. It's flowering now. The garden is looking lovely now and I'm considering getting some bees too. It's late in the season so this may not be the best time as a small nucleus colony may not have time to establish sufficient numbers before the autumn. I enjoy a 'potter' in the garden and I have enjoyed starting to get into beekeeping even though as luck would have it things have been stressful during the time I took the beekeeping course. The stressor has as ever been around work. Redundancy (having only just got the job), getting a job but feeling I needed to leave it and the further search... Now another opportunity has arisen and whilst I await details I've accepted an offer of employment. Being with what is and seeing my own mind search for structure and goodness knows what during protracted periods of non-working either whilst in or out of employment I can resonate with comments made here in Ajahn Sucitto's post. Incidentally I also resonate to some extent with his tale of eye contact with a tiger. Not in my case a tiger I would add! But a moment of... well, raw seeing and being seen, nature recognising its self. A moment which unfolded into an experience I prefer to honor by leaving it without crude attempt at explanation. _/\_ . Returning to chopping wood and carrying water I only hope this latest job (which is likely to involve a lot of travel) is both as successful and potentially calming as the camomile! Certainly not working pulls me into a most unnatural state of mind.