Monday 3 October 2011


An unexpected sequence of events led to me being offered a job last Friday. And by the end of the day I'd bought a used car! Today I spent the morning on the phone sorting insurance. After getting through the automated answering systems (if you want to .... press.... if you want ...), arhhhhh, my ears glaze over... I drifted off and have to go around again... Then when eventually speaking to a real person they start giving me all the standard buff; fine print in verbal, arhhhh, my ears are glazing over. Eventually it is sorted. Improved communications systems and competition in 'the market' seem to have combined to result in a kind of non-communication where one feels cast adrift in a sea of confusion created by the very system which should be helping. Then I read on Jade Mountains in the comments to a post a link to an article about Google. I sort of knew all this was going on but it's both amazing and a bit frighting when one stops to consider it. At least Google seem to be getting the information to us, which is more than might be said of many telephone calls these days!

I am feeling ambivalent about  my smartphone - I almost ended up with it by mistake and it is confirming in many ways my prejudice against them.  I wonder where all this is going. The world has changed so much.