Monday 13 February 2012


I attended a three day 'Long Term LEAP' induction at the end of last week. This is the Findhorn Foundation staff intake route. It is a commitment to work here for six months and works towards staff threshold. It does not guarantee a staff position and not all who enter the program intend to stay on past six months. The induction ended with a lovely ritual symbolising a move into closer relationship with the Foundation. I am starting to settle into work in Assets dept. and it's great to feel useful and engaged with work in which I believe. I have been thinking about posting on various bits of personal process that arise but the creative spark somehow failed to ignite. Perhaps that's a good sign; indication that I am sufficiently aware that this (process) too will pass. No real heat in it. All (as they say) is well. And that wellness comes from creative outlet doing meaningful work. As they say here, 'work is love in action'.

I see that creativity is in consideration on Jade Mountains. I like the quote featured and totally agree; play, creativity and love.

Monday 6 February 2012

Landing back

On Monday of last week I drove from Home to Perth, stayed overnight then travelled to Forres ready to start a six month contract with the Findhorn Foundation working as a project manager in Assets. This past week has been about landing back here, settling in, both physically, mentally and emotionally. As ever, the physical body arrives whilst the mind remembers the past, flits about in the present and projects off in to its fantasy of the future. The emotions emerging like foam on the waves of the mind. Although foam sounds too light and too dismissive of those sometimes powerful sometimes subtle all so important body sensations. Minds spin stories and change usually feeds the spinning. So, having decided to embark upon a further journey or rather continue my journey, with the Foundation all sorts of voices have had their say from the exited to the fearful. But that's minds for you. However, all is well and it is good to be busy, of use and surrounded by good folk with a liberal sprinkling of smiles and laughter.